Intro: How to Build Custom PHP and MySQL CMS Website Software
Introduction for new series we are about to launch to show the foundation for systems like WordPress or Joomla. Dynamic PHP and MySQL Content Management System Websites that use Javascript WYSIWYG rich text editors to populate and edit website pages.


22 thoughts on “Intro: How to Build Custom PHP and MySQL CMS Website Software”

  1. hey there! first: thanks for that nice tut. I tried setting up the premade customcms that was sent in your package on my ubuntu lampp server. somehow I keep getting those error messages: shaldos. tipido. net/error.html (I just uploaded the error, because I cant write longer youtube comments haha). If you could please help, I'd be more than grateful. Cheers!

  2. Hi Adam, your videos are awesome!!! What ever I learned about PHP and MySql is through your videos! Thanx man. I wish you were my teacher back at my college!!! Great! Continue your tutorials… God "should" bless you 🙂

  3. Great tutorial! Really!
    But I hava another way to build it. It´s called Smarc Updater CMS.
    Find it in you tube and watch it, in 5 minutes you can create database,tables,create,delete,read and update items with various features

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