How to Build a Community Website Part 2 – Starting the universal header file

Updated series:
Part 2 – Start on the design and create header

How to build a dynamic member based portal or community web site using PHP, MySQL, and Flash ActionScript 3.0


37 thoughts on “How to Build a Community Website Part 2 – Starting the universal header file”

  1. can someone plzzz help me ? need help with my site it needs more i have ideas but not sure exactly where to add it 🙁 or locate things ..i have a phpld ,as well having problem finding the analitics part and for some reason some ad boxes are missing 🙁 not sure if i messed that up when i changed few features . but i'm desperate to make my home page with a rotating globe a few planets ,,,trying to code myself cause i cant pay for it plz help 🙁

  2. To be honest i don't see why you can't just use flash or fireworks or what ever your preference for graphics and use ajax, javascript or jQuery for all the cool effects, thats what i do and so far it works just fine..

  3. @Waffliner – Open source version of web intersect has no Flash at all… just let the guys play and choose. Javascript is more of a web standard than flash… it is not better though by any means. Flash is way more creative and fun. The site gives both now so calm down brother… I would also bet that I use Ajax daily more than you.

  4. Comment: When you do the trick and you COPY and PASTE the Flash object in a new page you do save many codelines. However DWCS4 has a problem with the EMBED command. The result is a broken flash object. Any way around this?

  5. I want to make a sidebar and I want it to be dynamic but I want it to have full length
    there is a section near the bottom which i want to be bigger for bigger screens and smaller for smaller ones.
    It will be an include file for different lists and I want users to be able to scroll through the lists for smaller screens.

    Is this possible?
    If it is, you only have to explain what methods I should use, I'll figure the rest out if I know that

  6. Excellent video tutorials. Use Flash or whatever the heck you want, you are the one teaching the lessons! People need to realize you are doing everyone a favor and stop complaining about flash.

    I personally don't use flash anymore and lean towards Javascript, but I could care less. I am learning a lot about php and MySql.

    These are great tutorials. Thank you so much for taking the time to put them together!

  7. Dude Thnx a Bunch!
    For all "J JS etc" lovers you make it sound like it's a Fracking religion…
    Let it go,…

    The man clearly know what he's doing and if you don't like it…

    I guess the only one who cares is you…
    Just do what works for you… fracking javajehovas

  8. Can't you just try to use Javascript. I think you will like it. We need J script to do stuff!
    Just pulling your chain man! Javascript sucks eggs, and flash rocks! lol

  9. cool tutorial..couple of things..i agree with you, whoever doesn't have flash nowadays is really doomed and they definitely gotta be a couple of people and a few million mobile users. Let's just hope adobe will come up with flash for mobile soon…you also said something about the standards, i think the standards are more meant to be important to the vendors. Keep it up dude.

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