Data Visualisation, UX Best Practices, Lead Generation Tools & More | Growth Insights #19

We’re back! In this episode we’re looking at data visualization, LinkedIn tools, lead generation & of course plenty more awesome tips, tricks and Growth Hacking tools! Get the latest Growth Insights tools list:

We’ve also put together a checklist of best practices to optimise your website for performance and formatting! Get ready for Growth Insights #19, which is packed with tonnes of digital marketing tools!

When it comes to data visualization, you’ll really see the power of bar race charts, and even get some tips on creating your own! Start off by seeing how companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have conquered the top four spots in less than 20 years!

Speaking of data, we’ve highlighted a few examples from one of the most important reports you need to know about, packed with information such as how the number of interactive gaming players accelerating with 2.4 billion last year. Still, on data but more focused on tools, we’re also going to talk about LinkedIn analytics and content engagement metrics!

Curious about AI tools? We’ve discovered a few use cases that combine innovation with a few tactics and next steps you might consider helpful.

Looking for tools and best practices for lead generation? How to reach out to relevant prospects, convince clients to use your product and the best way to generate and convert leads on your website? They are all strung together, and there’s plenty to pick from to help you serve your customers better!

So why not dive into Growth Insights #19 and discover lead generation tools, UX best practices, content tools and more!

What’s your favourite lead generation resource? Did we miss an exciting data visualisation tool? Let us know in the comments below!


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