Creating great content that performs well in Google search results

What does it mean to create great, user focused content? How do you get started, and what are some great questions to ask yourself?

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25 thoughts on “Creating great content that performs well in Google search results”

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  2. Focusing on quality and relevance especially when looking for other sites to link to is a must. Other webmasters just go for high PR and good DA sites and flat out neglecting relevance. This is a sure fire way of getting penalized in the future.

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  4. That depends on how many times you use the word 'necklace' on each page. With e-com you probably have it used at least 3 times: Title Tag, H1 Tag, and in the product description 1 time. This would be natural, but anything more than that would be unnecessary and considered keyword stuffing. Official 'duplicate content' is when you copy the product description of your necklace from another site, so don't copy the necklace description from the original vendor, make up your own.

  5. Your website will simply fade away in the search results if you don't update your site regularly. Google keeps saying the same thing simply because that's what they want right now. You need to make time for blogging, or you can dictate a blog into a voice recorder (smartphone) and give it to someone else to transcribe and polish for you.

  6. I created a site on astronomy with maximum traffic coming from intellectuals of astronomy through google forums! The site was not even given page rank 1 by google. Established sites on same topic from US A dominate. I closed the site within 1 year of starting. Google has double standards.

  7. My service business is killing it in Google local search. I create blog posts (WordPress) that have an embedded video (YouTube optimized channel) of one of my projects where I rendered my service while narrating (and shooting raw video, of course). I watch my edited video and take notes. Then I convert the notes into an approximately 400 word story about the project based on the video. I add an optimized Before and After photo to the post. I name and optimize everything for 1 keyword + city…

  8. the question that boggles me is that what if a content or the bulk of the site content is written and published in such a way that its meant to be timeless such as short stories, pros, a novel, a guide or an what about page more often than not sites that have those does not have blogs where in syndication is possible. often, users have to be so creative to type down words to find that content in search engines

  9. With your recent panda/penguin update, google has pushed my freshly written unique content (that I have written myself) way down in the rankings. Interestingly enough, I have been replaced with complete garbage and old articles that are outdated. What give google?

  10. But with over 3 trillion domains, you got to make time for your website. There are many ways to create unique content without spending too much time. Your iphone for audio and video is simple way to add content to your site. Also higher a quality SEO guy or come take a look at my new software. It can help you get the content you are looking for daily. write me back if you are interested

  11. The phone book has a much higher Page Rank than your 50 page website. There are ways to rank higher than the phone book and that is using google plus one and google places for local business. hope this helps.

  12. That is a pretty good question. You really don't want duplicate content on your site. Best practice is to use google webmaster tools for duplicate content and see where you can make adjustments to remedy this. The other issue is if many sites use the same description for Necklaces then you want to invest in new and different content that is not on any other site. Also make sure to protect your unique content with Rel=Author and in your google plus profile

  13. I couldn't agree more. The problem is that in order to survive you need to continue creating content whether that is finding a writer or doing it yourself is the hard question, all of us have to ask. I usually update my blog once a week but use a paid service that writes quality non spammy content, "contentrow" they have a video on youtube hope it helps and good luck

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