5 DEADLY MISTAKES NEW YOUTUBERS MAKE / Feel like you aren’t getting views, subscribers or engagement? You’re stuck and you have no idea what you’re doing wrong? In this live stream, I’m going in depth into the 5 deadly mistakes new youtubers make that kill your channel and momentum.

Once you know these 5 mistakes, you’ll know exactly what NOT to do in order to grow your channel and have the right steps to get your channel seen by a bigger audience.


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  1. You are so awesome and you never ran out what to say! I would like to start my content videos but sometime I get confused of what I am going to do video contents about – the niche! I like to win that contest thought and I will watch your other videos as time permit. thank you
    I think I watched your 4 videos of you so far and getting more inspire every time I am done. I already have my channel ready to go I think but I just need to post some contents. I am learning so much from you and I thank you.

  2. Reverse Engineering my content was my biggest take away from this live video! I need to go back and look through my content so I can understand what works and what I'm TRULY trying to say!

    I believe I should win this scholarship because I am an educator that doesn't have much but is very passionate about helping teachers everywhere! I believe using YouTube to build up my services would help many educators who need the information I can provide.

  3. Amazing info!! Ahhh, such good stuff. Okay, biggest takeaway has got to be about community and treating your viewers/followers like human beings. There are so many people out there with "growth hacks" and sceams to make a quick buck on social media, but I LOVE and resonate with your way of connecting with people deeply and creating a true community. You're proof that you need to build an engaged audience if you want to change lives and have a long term, profitable business. You seriously make me (and everyone else I'm sure) feel like we're friends, and it's awesome!
    I'm so hopeful I'll win this give-away because I already rush to my computer every Tues + Fri to binge your channel haha! And… I truly NEED this right now because I've been saying for 12 years that I'm going to start a YouTube channel. 12 YEARS, SUNNY!!! I'm finally ready to DO IT because of the inspiration and knowledge you share with us. I know that being in the Accelerator program will be the support that I need to take my wellness busines to the next level and "share my genius" through YouTube, and the camera and gift card are the sweetest bonus to kick my butt in gear and let go of excuses. I'm ready to become BULLETPROOF! Whether I win or not, thank you for all you do!!!

  4. Hey Sunny! Thanks for this video, it was really helpful! My biggest takeaway is about looking for success clues and creating content geared toward what’s clearly working. I have a video that majorly stands out on my channel, with over 8k views where the others are much lower, between 30-300 views, so I’m going to use elements of that video (topic/ thumbnail/etc) to keep testing to learn what exactly is working and keep following the success clues.

    I deserve to win because I’m 100000% COMMITTED. I built a 6-figure service-based business and sold that business (a few years ago) to fund my life and online business vision when I realized teaching online was my true passion. The person I sold it to filed for bankruptcy shortly after, which was a big hit to come back from and scuffed up my imagined timeline a bit, but throughout the process I’ve been SO confident this is my path that although it’s taken me longer to get going than I initially imagined, my path has not wavered.

    As I’ve been learning and implementing tips and strategies from your channel this year, I’ve never found a more perfect fit than YouTube to serve my audience and grow my business. I had a few kinks to work out along the way, but where I’ve gotten with my systems, scripting, gear and mindset (much thanks to you!), I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’m in this for the long haul and I literally CAN. NOT. WAIT! to expand my reach in serving and helping people create brands and businesses they are ultra proud of, and that work for them. (And the ripple effect that will have on their personal life satisfaction- that’s my truest vision – to help people create lives they love✨). I’m here to stay and am committed to this system with or without this prize, however I imagine with your guidance it would collapse my timeline and help me make my impact much more quickly and that is very, very exciting to consider. Your story is such an inspiration to me. I just love your energy and would be honored to have your help. Pick me!🙋🏻‍♀️☺️-Sarah

    PS – If you bet on me, your efforts will be fruitful and your time won’t be wasted. I promise to do everything I can to be a killer testimonial – for you, for me, and to show women what can happen when we choose to go for it💗

  5. So my biggest takeaway was that everything is figureoutable, that there are actual data-based solutions that any savvy person can grab onto and implement. I think I deserve to win because I have worked so hard in the last year to build a following for my podcast; as I move into youtube I want to do things right from the beginning to explode my impact and opportunities. I’ve shown that I can build something really special. I need just the right guidance to take things next level.

  6. 1) Reverse engineering was the most helpful for my husband and me. I had heard a little bit about this but didn't really understand or know what it was.
    2) Why do we deserve to win? We would be the cinderella story here. I'm sick, really sick. My husband lost two jobs due to how much I'm in and out of the hospital. He stays home and takes care of both our infant son and myself. Our savings are almost gone and we need something he can do from home to make money. We are running out of time and are extremely motivated to get a more stable and sustainable income started. He is in the middle of editing videos for our channel now. Planning to start a 3x a week uploading schedule in the next month. Our channel is dedicated to showing what life with chronic illness can look like (Home and Family addition) and hopefully helping others through example.

  7. Loved this video. Hot script and reverse engineering great tips and where I need to begin but I think my biggest take away is not being afraid to be my biggest fan and to not be afraid to promote myself!!!
    I had that aha moment at my 9-5 job this week that now is the time to be making my side hustle my top priority and my main source of income. Feeling very inspired and excited. Thanks!! 🥰🥰🥰

  8. Sharing the hell out of your channel once you’ve begun. I’m often so reluctant to toot my own horn even though, as an NYT bestseller I have a pretty big horn. I think it will be easier now because I know my intention is to be effective and impactful for my viewers. Thank you, Sunny!

  9. My biggest takeaway starts with… I've been following you for about 3 months and even got onto a call for the Accelerator Program. I am about 2 weeks out from purchasing YouTube for Bosses (*ONLY* because I'm finishing my product!), which is when I point all my efforts towards YouTube (and then repurposing the content with content upgrades for ALL the emails 😉 ).

    And that leads to the biggest takeaway: be RIDICULOUSLY valuable, beyond your comfort level!

    You are PROOF of the marketing saying, "Give your best stuff away for free". Because "if Sunny gives away THIS much, what is in her product?!?!"

    You rock. Truly appreciate you. All the best!

    Oh, and it was pretty powerful when Stu McLaren mentioned you on stage, as well. 😉

  10. Reverse engineering growth is a HUGE takeway for me!! Definitely gonna look to see what successful channels in my niche did to grow now, thank you so much for the advice it's pure GOLD! I think I should win the giveaway because it truly would mean the world to me to join the Authority Accelerator program. I have started a golf club and tips business but feel lost on how to gain an audience for it. I would have joined the program already but I just graduated uni, am still looking for a job and don't want to use my parents' money on it 🙁 thank you so much for this series and for what you do every day.

  11. This is so funny – i get questions about ALL these 5 mistakes – SO often – ad i tell them the same .. BUT – you just managed to sum it up fantastically … Now i hve to find a good way to sum it up and convey them to my fans 😛 ( and i still haven't a single video online yet 😛 )

  12. Content structure was my biggest take-a-way, I didn't quite understand the Success Clues and I am still struggling with analytics. I love how motivational all your videos are. I've learned so much and gotten so much inspiration from!

  13. My biggest takeaway was how often analytics should be checked, because I was already looking for that information and you anticipated the question. Another takeaway is anticipate what people will ask!

  14. My biggest take away from this video is take action. I will only know what works with practice.

    I watched the whole video but paused while going to my notes on my iPad. How does this effect the algorithm or more importantly how does that effect your contest? I might just watch it again but I know that’s my note taking habits, I pause to write, not wanting to miss a thing you say.

    I started YouTube years ago but was treating it more as a hobby. Winning this prize would mean so much to me. I want to build awareness on concussion/ brain injury. Both my husband and daughter acquired a brain injury within less than 10 years, working from home has become a priority , funds are a necessity. Not to mention my mother going for brain surgery in January.

  15. There are too many takeaways to mention just one but I am doing a google doc and logging all my takeaways so here they are…

    Play to the platform- Pay Attention to which category your in, You need to make content that is going to get discovered. Make the Right content to pull in an audience. The algorithm favors content it can categorize. Make Sure Your Content is Keyword Friendly when starting. Success Clues- Notice what content is working best on my channel and double down. Look at other channels in my space and see what other content there making that is performing the best. My competition will give me the clues i need to be successful. Go on you tube and sort by popularity to find my competitions most popular videos. Watch time trumps everything else. Pay attention to what your doing wrong and make it right.  You want authority in the algorithm. Don’t worry about the editing, worry about the content being awesome! Reverse Engineering Your Growth- Start with the end in mind. Focus on channels that you love and make your channel like that. Content Structure- ask what do i want people to get from this video, no one cares until you make them care by providing high quality content. Don’t talk about you, educate them. Give credibility to yourself.. Make sure at the end of each video give call to action. Check analytics to see where people may be clicking off. Community Rules- appreciate your subscribers. You don’t want to have to rely on the algorithm. Get a good understanding of analytics. Check it daily and weekly.  Know what the traffic sources are. Figure out how to show up more in suggested videos. Building your own audience is the best asset you can have on you tube, build an email list.Make friends with other channels and the people leaving comments. Share your channel promote it to everyone!!

  16. Biggest takeaway: Figuring out who I admire enough to to imitate. Looks like some research is in order. Why do I deserve to win? I've never posted a video and I could be a case study/video testimonial in real time for your marketing purposes. I can be your "Frankensteina."

  17. I need to win this contest. I really want to get my channel started on financial freedom and travel. I've been struggling with how to go about it. My biggest takeaway was the reverse engineering in the YouTube console. Thx for your videos! I'm so glad I found this channel.

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