$13,000 IN ONE DAY FROM YOUTUBE How did I generate 13K in one day from YouTube? And how can you do the same? I’m going to explain it and draw it all for you in this video!

How did I build my business off of YouTube and generate millions of dollars in revenue from YouTube channel? I’m going deep into this in today’s tutorial.

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39 thoughts on “$13,000 IN ONE DAY FROM YOUTUBE”

  1. Took me 2-3 years to get all of these steps in motion. My channel/course/purpose is to help solo videographers land more clients and become a 1-man business machine. So awesome to help people at scale and spreading my message further!

  2. Hi Sunny, I just left the webinar you host and are very said to say that is not live at all, the people questions you are only answering to. I thought that the first time is was my pc that was not working, but this time at could see that it was exactly the same as last and some of the same people. This makes me sooo sad, I so look up to you and your channel. and was hoping to get some of my questions answered by you. I am lost for words – I did not think you would do such a thing! You are always talking about being authentic and now this! So verry sad.

  3. I learned about automate. I used to hear the word was never explained like you did. I'm glad that I come everyday to watch your videos thanks for showing us. I want to ask 1 questions 1- I have 1,307 videos. I saw a video that you was talking about keywords and the demonstration then I finally understood. I have TubeBuddy so I went and and found Keyword Explorer did like you said and my watch time went up and starting to get more subscribers. The question that I have is where can I get one of that mini video that says to subscribe, ring the bell and so on. I have a problem of remembering to send the viewers to do it if they like. I have problems remembering since I caught sepsis and it affected my brain

  4. Biggest takeaway for me was the fact that I don't need to know where to start. Just create meaningful, good content and follow the data. This is super inspiring and is confirmation that I absolutely need to jump back into consistent YT content. I used some of these methods 7 years ago, in a much less efficient and consistent manner, to build an online music following for anime and video game inspired raps. The quality was all over the place. Landed a job out of college and ran away from myself a bit, letting the momentum fall away before I truly figured out what I was actually doing.

    It's definitely time to get the ball rolling again. Thanks again for the insight and inspiration!

  5. Yesss! Sunny, loving this YouTube Business Bootcamp playlist so much! My biggest takeaway in today's video is definitely the way you've set up your Evergreen Machine! It really inspires me and empowers me as I've just recently started my channel and know that this space is going to give so much opportunity to make the global impact that I deeply desire. Thank you for all of the VALUE you share, so so grateful 🙂

  6. This video is such gold, honestly I can't imagine how good your programs are because your free content is amazing.. would absolutely love to get a scholarship for the AA program!!

  7. I learned about your channel shortly after starting to watch YouTube regularly for the first time in the beginning of 2019. I downloaded the YouTube app purely to to learn how to powdercoat and make epoxy cups, but also found myself binge watching your content. Almost a year later I'm finishing up my cocktail course and have my own channel- and have a new line of powdercoated barware to boot, ha! You're the best, Sunny! Thank you for inspiring us and keeping us at the top of our game. . . Can't wait to put this machine to work -)

  8. So many takeaways! First, that it's possible!! Second is really focusing on where the interest is! My niche is definitely saturated, but I am definitely searching for a way to make my content unique and VALUABLE! I love how valuable your content always is! I strive for that 🙂

  9. I DID NOT WANT TO COMMENT, I DIDN'T WANT TO BE SEEN (hence the caps, I am trying to push outside of my roadblocks!) I am an international award winning photographer as well as educator with several sold out in person workshops, online courses and international speaking engagements. I didn't want to comment becuase I am in the very early discovery phase of moving my education to a much wider audience via YouTube and the early discovery phases of what this will all look like. Like most creatives I fall prey to "imposter syndrome" and often doubt my ability. So with full disclosure and total vulnerability amongst YouTube land, in this new landscape where I have not built any credibility I have been firmly standing right in my own way in fear. My biggest takeaway is that I have to get out of my own way and be open to not knowing but showing up to learn! Ok now to press enter…….

  10. As always Sunny you are so inspirational. Biggest takeaway is that anything is possible and to continue to work hard because something that sounds impossible is possible as long as you believe and work towards the dream.

  11. Congrats, Sunny, on such a fantastic achievement! 🎉
    So many great tips in this vid! I’m feeling so inspired to put aside my fears and start making great content…so I can send my traffic, leads, and sales into a badass Evergreen Machine! 💪🏻☺️
    Thank you for the chance to be a part of your scholarship! 💕

  12. My biggest takeaway is how I can use analytics from YT videos to help me get on the right path and create the most appropriate content If I'm going the wrong direction, the data will redirect me! I love the idea of treating this like a science and using the analytics in very specific and targeted ways. Also, the analytics will help me create and shape a product that generates income! Woo hoo…It's all about the analytics!

  13. My biggest takeaway is that I need to build my email list. I've heard you say it before and I am hoping to build my email list for my blog and having a YouTube channel has upped the email list of many of the people in my blogging group. I didn't see any instructions in the description box but I saw that you asked us to do this in the first comment. I hope that was all you wanted us to do. 🙂

  14. my biggest takeaway from this video and many of your videos is making sure we have an email list (because we can control how we engage our audience from that email list). Also, I am super interested in the webinar process!!

  15. Hi Sunny, thanks for the great value. Love love💕. My biggest takeaway it may sound stupid, because it’s known, but still is that YouTube is a search engine, and how you can utilize this knowledge. So thank you.

  16. Sunny and Team Sunny,

    I am a dedicated YT4B student and I am steadily plugging away and implementing every suggestion you have given. I am launching my first 4 videos on November 9th, for my 45th birthday. I'm taking this so seriously as a business that I'm having a big party and pressing publish surrounded by family and friends, many of whom are flying in from out of town. My two sisters will be there, and I can't even recall the last time the 3 of us were in the same room. I also will have a close friend of mine flying in from Arkansas, who is unfortunately, battling cancer. I have to make this successful, I can't let any of my tribe down.

    I have passionately pursued my career for 20 years now, and YouTube is the next, and in my opinion, most essential step in my career so far. I am an urban planner and preservationist, and have dedicated myself to historic communities and creating better places to live. I want my channel to empower others to make changes in their communities, whether big or small. Vancouver has been getting great reviews in the area of livability and I'm looking forward to visiting there one day. Maybe I'll be one of your star students and we can meet. I would love to have Sunny show my viewers around her hometown! I would love it if you subscribe, so you can be the first to see me in action and critique all that I have applied from my newfound YT4B knowledge. Thank you and your team for all you do, I know this is going to make the difference between just having a YouTube channel OR hitting it out of the park. I fully plan on hitting it out of the park and then some! Lots of love to you all!!!!

    Here's a link to subscribe to my channel:


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