13. User Profile Photo File Upload HTML Form Tutorial PHP Parse Script MySQL

Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/User-Profile-Photo-File-Upload-HTML-Form-PHP-Parse-Script-MySQL
Learn to allow your users to change their profile photo and begin building your file upload applications. This lesson will help you get comfortable with the PHP and MySQL side of creating image upload applications and offer you a simple front end form. You can use it on your website as a temporary way to achieve this goal until you enhance it or change it more to your liking.


21 thoughts on “13. User Profile Photo File Upload HTML Form Tutorial PHP Parse Script MySQL”

  1. Hi Adam thanks for this …i really like your generosity ..you teach and give lesson codes…i learned something from you videos and website……..show us develop a dashboard that returns users name in the header section for every specific login ?

  2. 2 reasons why you would have a problem with your avatar upload.. one could be you did not create a user Directory. or you didn't put the files in the proper folder.. so make sure the image_resize.php is in the php_includes folder. and you have a user folder created to hold your images being uploaded..

  3. hey man this is by far the best well explained tutorial i have seen yet on social network building ….and i know you said you are sick of this tutorial and i also know you posted all the code in seperate pages as you went along with the tutorials but i have a question / favor to ask …. is there anyway you could export this database just to make sure i didnt leave anything out actually can you provide the fully functional source code for me to follow and compare to what i have? like example maybe post the full source code including the database "" create_tables.php " to say maybe github or dropbox or google drive ,mega.nz ?? lol i know you are probably sic of these noob questions hahaha but you would really be helping me out if i can see the full source code in action here all put together by you instead of a noob hahah and man im learning alot from your videos i keep having to rewatch some to understand but i feel if i had the full sourcecode i could learn and see what everything is doing i just seem to learn better that way so please and thank you very much for providing this and maybe you can feel better knowing you helped some one learn bc i have to be honest ive been seeking a project like this for a while now you can email me @ datajumper83@gmail.com or facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100024253176190 so srry for the long message you are awesome and thanks in advance ill be looking forward to your resonse srry for mssging you here but i couldnt find your facebook forgive me i am a bit of a noob still learning after all 🙂

  4. hey adam i am following your series and its working perfectly but now i have followed this tutorial but it did not work. when i hover the default profile image "toggle avatar form" appear but when i click on it nothing happens like the upload button and choose file button they dont appear? even i have tried copying your code but still the same situation. please help me i dont know whats wrong

  5. Adam, wat's good bro here is wat's up. on the photos.php file photo upload and every other thing works but when i click on the gallery it won't open the gallery. i tried to Trace the problem and am convinced that the problem is here "$gallery_list .= '<div onclick="showGallery(''.$gallery.'',''.$u.'')">' ;"

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