WP Academy: Link Building Strategies to Move the Blogging Needle

Nothing causes bloggers more confusion, consternation and down-right angst than the process of link building. But links are not an optional companion to long-term rankings in Google. On the contrary, link building is a critical component of search engine algorithms and it must be a focus for any integrated SEO strategy.

In this seminar, join SEO expert Casey Markee as he interviews one of the most successful link builders in the World, Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas. Jim has over 20 years of link building experience and has worked with some of the biggest companies and most visible brands in the World.

Discover what separates a good link from a bad, an earned link from a paid, multiple strategies bloggers can implement NOW to build links, and how relationship building is a CRUCIAL skill bloggers must learn in 2019 and beyond!

Link building is not a black box. Submit your most pressing link building and SEO marketing-related questions now and get them answered live in the webinar. See you there!


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