SEO Mythbusting – Official Trailer (New Series)

SEO can be a bit of a black box and it isn’t always easy for SEOs and developers to work together and speak the same language. In this series, Martin Splitt from the WTA team and members of the developer and SEO communities chat about topics around technical SEO to clarify common misconceptions and answer common questions. Watch out for our first episode coming out the week after Google I/O!

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38 thoughts on “SEO Mythbusting – Official Trailer (New Series)”

  1. We've seen this kind of thing before where Google smugly mocks SEOs for "testing the system" and then they make a bunch of claims with "because we're google" as proof and later many of those claims prove out to be garbage. I REALLY REALLY hope this series tries to be better and provides verifiable evidence.

  2. Still, the problem with Google ranking is Google does not care what gets ranked and where. By way of example, my company is one of the largest suppliers of recruitment websites and our website is on page 3 or 4 of Google for the main keywords for my niche. It is a narrow niche, ith limited keywords. We use other methods to generate sales, but as an exercise in testing is Google about results or genuine results we have never had any kind of SEO performed on our site and so it sits where it does. We have just set up a site and done as much as your average SME will know to do, or your average WordPress developer will know to do.

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