Quora Growth | From 0-20 Million Views | Referral Traffic From Quora | Deepak Shukla

Quora – powerful tool or gimmick, Can you get relevant traffic? Organic or Paid?
We have 4 great experts here: Deepak Shukla, Andy Crestodina, Eric Siu and paid traffic expert Joe Martinez
01:07 Introduction

04:21 Andy shares “What is Quora”

04:37 Where to find and follow SEMrush

05:22 Deepak shares how he got banned on Quora

07:47 Deepak tips to 2M answer/views a week

18:19 Deepak answers viewer questions

21:13 Andy’s tips “Barnacle SEO” with Quora

25:48 Joe shares tips on competitors interests

27:13 Eric’s spotlight and shares tips to repurpose your content

32:04 Deepak’s big takeaway on Eric’s tips

44:01 Joe’s question to the group

45:33 Andy shares viewer questions “How to grow followings”

54:04 Joe shares how to make the most out of paid Quora

1:01:31 Closing comments


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