Navigate your Google Ads account

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Learn how to get around the new Google Ads experience so you can get back to managing your campaigns.

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24 thoughts on “Navigate your Google Ads account”

  1. Hi i have a lot of troubles, in my country nobody knows about google ads, so im very frustrated. 1.- I got 0 impressions of my ads in united states. 2.- For promoting apps, we dont have the option of change the "cpa" option to manual(the video campaigns has the option, but the app campaign its automatic). 3.- The video campaigns does not work, the url lenght option its max 35, and my link lenght its 62. Tried to make my url short with bitly, but got the message of agaist the polytics. Its a link to my game on google play, and i saw a lot of game ads on youtube , then why i am being rejected?…. Thanks for any help…

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