Mozcation Milwaukee 2012 with Jaime Steven Part 2

Technical Skills for Marketers — gaining the skills you need to be indispensable
There’s been a lot of talk of roles like Growth Hackers, Marketing Ninjas and Technical Marketers in the past year; regardless of if you subscribe to these labels, technical marketing skills are becoming a requirement to be a successful in online marketing. The marketers who know SQL, can write code or use PivotTables in Excel will be the most desirable and productive individuals in our industry. In this talk, Jamie will discuss the technical skills every online marketer should be developing along with strategies and resources on how to get there.

Part 1:

Jamie Steven serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at SEOmoz and works with the best marketing team in the whole world! Jamie brings 16 years of marketing leadership experience from startups and enterprises such as Rhapsody,, Speakeasy, DocuSign and Microsoft. He is a frequent speaker at marketing conferences such as PubCon, MarketingSherpa, MozCon and DreamForce and serves on the WTIA’s Marketing Community leadership committee. Jamie holds an MBA from the University of Washington and is an instructor of the school’s Advanced Interactive Marketing Program. He lives in Seattle, WA and likes pumpkin-flavored beverages including lattes and beer—both excellent choices for chilly Seattle weather.

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