Mozcation Milwaukee 2012 Victor Drover

How to SEO Optimize a CMS
Victor will discuss the common SEO problems that many content management systems face and provide practical advice for the three most popular open source platforms.

Victor Drover is the Founder and CEO of Anything Digital, a well-known Joomla development shop based in Sussex, Wisconsin. His portfolio boasts some of the most popular add-ons for Joomla including SEO and calendaring tools such as sh404SEF and JCal Pro, respectively. Victor is also a volunteer in the Joomla project and serves/has served on numerous committees including the Joomla Extensions team that manages the official directory for Joomla add-ons and more recently the Joomla Events team. He has helped organize the J and Beyond international developer conference since January 2011 — including the May 2012 event in Germany — and co-organizes the local Joomla User Group Milwaukee held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

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