Marketing Scoop 2.9 [Advertising] What Are the Most Important Paid Search Metrics to be Tracking?

Marketing Scoop Episode 2.9 is a Paid Advertising-themed episode where we look at the common challenges with keeping up paid search optimization strategies and which metrics specifically you should be paying attention to, to ensure that your campaigns are working as efficiently as possible.

Here’s what we discuss:

1:10 What are the metrics that you are paying closest attention to at the moment?

2:14 Micro and macro conversions

3:25 Ad impressions and click-through rates

4:30 Relative CTR

5:22 How engaging are your ads?

6:50 How should you improve your ad copy to include your CTR?

7:55 How reviews and testimonials can enhance your ad copy

9:00 How do you measure the value of micro-conversions and assists?

10:41 Making decisions on what keywords to bid on

11:20 Finding out more about micro and macro conversions

13:10 How can you measure traffic from offline locations?

15:36 What metrics on Facebook do advertisers need to keep an eye on?

16:25 How many times should the same person see the same ad?

18:40 Is ad fatigue not the same on the Google SERPs?

20:20 How is Google determining good CTR?

22:00 Why special days like Black Friday may skew your data and how to handle it

25:30 What is Samantha’s actionable tip?

26:46 What is Joel’s actionable tip?

This episode’s guests are:

With many years’ experience in paid media, Samantha Noble started her own paid media consultancy, Biddable Moments in 2016. She works with in-house brands and digital marketing agencies supporting their teams with all things related to paid media.

From his early days as an employee at to opening up an elite paid advertising agency, Joel Bondorowsky has managed some of the largest paid campaigns in history.


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