Leaning Into Launch Day, The Journey, Episode 6, Season 2

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Have you ever banked on something you believed was a sure thing, only to be proven wrong? Watch as Michael Stelzner (founder of Social Media Examiner) and his team conclude testing and begin a multi-channel product launch. Will all their hard work pay off? Watch and see.

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15 thoughts on “Leaning Into Launch Day, The Journey, Episode 6, Season 2”

  1. I like the shreds and pink note pads…that is how my brain works! touch and placement and visual growth……I have to fight the feelings that it is fun and not work so "I should stop this type of research"…. Thanks for showing that part! Also I was favoring facebook for my videos so I could fill my group which is a vital component of the bigger vision but I will not neglect youtube. I was just about to trash it! carry on!

  2. Happy birthday SME! Love the show and Social Media Examiner. You guys provide a welcome view of what it’s like to operate in the marketing industry today! I feel like I’m on that learning journey with you. Keep it up!

  3. at the 6:20 mark Mike's smile haha 'hard work paying off!' priceless. I do feel there's one thing missing in your marketing/pr strategy. Do you guys do like small group events throughout the year where the team meets with the target audience? nothing too fancy but casual meetups where you meet face to face would help build that loyal audience……. Just my two cents

  4. Good luck with project genesis! I think you should go for it, just imagine going down the “sure” path, and you’ll do it well anyway but once world is done in 2019 (and it’s gonna be a hit don’t even worry!) maybe a month later you will regret that you didn’t get started on project genesis.

    I can give you one tip, like you did during the mastermind group, you did it because it was a small task.

    So break up your tasks into smaller ones, ones that you CAN finish everyday.

    One month later you will have all the momentum you need!


  5. Good stuff as always Mike & team. My first thought watching that video on the sales page was that it might be too generic – sort of like an overview video and not really a compelling sales video. That might be why it didn't impact sales positively.

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