Influencer Marketing with Andy: Lee Odden

Smart marketers work with influencers to increase visibility. But genius marketers add media partners to the mix to get far greater reach.
We had Lee Odden sharing his approach with us. Learn how influencers fit within digital PR and how a media partner can multiply your results, in social and ultimately, in search.

01:07 – Andy’s presentation
06:45 – what is the best way to put together the influencers you want to collaborate with and the places you want to pitch to. Doing customer research as a way to know what influences your customers
10:06 – customer journey as a way to map KWs for content and influencers that users will search for
13:25 – how to go in with a partnership
16:59 – finding opportunities to get connections
19:32 – influencer relationship management
22:06 – ‘earning the ‘earned’ thing”
27:09 – do not wait for attention – create it!
29:00 – is it ethical to repurpose a piece of content that influencers created as a part of the paid partnership?
31:35 – does GDPR change round-ups?
34:34 – getting a contributor quote. If you want something from somebody – do the same thing for them first
40:03 – marketing as a room for creatives and as a mechanical (data-driven) approach
47:50 – tips for building relationships with influencers
51:24 – how to fight content production battles you know you can win
53:13 – 4 examples of influencer quotes
55:05 – ask your influencers to contribute answers to questions that are keyword focused and you may end up with a piece of content that is keyword relevant
56:57 – approaching influencers as a person rather than introducing yourself as a marketer
59:18 – top tools to find influencers in a specific niche


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