How long does it take for rich snippets to appear?

How long should it take for my RDFa markup to appear in search results as a Rich Snippet after completing the submission form?

Paul, Washington DC


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  1. Plus where in the code do you paste this ? In the header ? In the body ? Is this only for Blogs and WordPress sites, or all websites ? Stop being so cryptic and just spit it out …

  2. My snippet has been showing and still is showing on my older blog, but recently (almost a month) no. I tried to follow the Webmaster's guidelines for troubleshooting, but failed to restore it. Also, all my sites are verified. I'm not aware of anything I've done differently for this to happen. How can I restore it?

  3. Someone should make a tutorial video walking through all the aspects of getting this process from start to finish. Many of us are "challenged" , (some more than others). I have read so much about it but I can't get my head wrapped around the whole thing…

  4. RDFa markup is a way to enhance your content with semantic meaning 😉

    Or, It's a way to tell Google what a particular bit of content is about. e.g. "this is my address", "this is my business name" or "this is a review".

    You add RDFa to your html with extra tags and attributes.

    I've had RDFa on my website for over 6 months, it validates and I've submitted it to Google. Still no sign of the rich snippets 🙁

    Is RDFa supported in all regions or just a select few at this time?

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