How John Found INSTANT Success With SEO As A Beginner

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Today, I interview John Henderson on how he made a transition from focusing on ads to unlocking the power of search engine optimization

SEO is a science down to the core, John realized this after months of struggling to try to utilize Facebook ads

John started by going through the program and implementing the content displayed in the program

John proceeded to land on the first page of Google for the term “Georgia SEO” in about a months time

John is now a regular contributor for “search engine people” and a few other publications to boost his SEO efforts

Here are Johns articles mentioned in the video:

Restaurant SEO

Roofing SEO

Johns goal is to create so much content to get inbound leads for his digital marketing agency

Leveraging content as his main strategy, John is confident he will get page one rankings from competitive terms such as “Atlanta SEO”

More information about the program referenced in the video:


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