CREATE A BINGEABLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL (4000 HOURS OF WATCH TIME AND BEYOND!) / Watch time is the most important metric on YouTube today. So if you’re a small creator, and you’re trying to get to 4,000 hours of watch time or if you’re just trying to build more authority in the algorithm, you need to know these seven tips for creating a bingeable YouTube channel and increasing your watch time like crazy as well as your channel growth.

In this video I’m sharing the juicy details on creating a bingeable YouTube channel using some ninja-tactics.


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  1. This is a great topic. I’m just getting started and have already learned a ton from you and from joining your Authority Accelerator program. I’m scripting my first four videos now and treating them as a series so they’ll all work individually, but also be bingeable (and evergreen : ). Excited to get them live. Thanks, Sunny!

  2. I need your help. I'm searching for a way to see for which keywords a particular video (not mine) is ranking. Of course I could check the keyword or video tags of that video but I'm not interested in those. I'm interested in the keywords the video ranks for, for which the content creator didn't use any keywords. (In other words when I see a video that is not ranking for any of it's keywords but still has a lot of views compared to the sub count of the channel, I conclude that the video is definitely ranking for some keywords… I want to know which ones so that I could potentially make a better video for those keywords). I hope my question is clear.

    Anybody who could help me would make my day. Cheers.

  3. Do you have any tips on how to create playlists if I'm gonna be making a music channel, I don't have original songs yet so I'll be starting out with singing covers

  4. Love you so much Sunny ☀️ and thank you for everything, because of you I am starting my online store and really building my subscribers through your strategies. I have not been on this platform long and through your strategies with less than 30 videos I’m already a little over 1000 subscribers where I was sitting at 100 subscribers for such a long time. Your instructions do work. And thank you for this video I will make sure to incorporate these instructions as well. Forever grateful

  5. My channel is small and my current watch time and views count is green, but YouTube knowingly "freezes" the push of your channel from time to time. Darrel Eves among others mention that deceleration and it seems it happens the more you tweak your metadata, so YouTube has to scrutinize everything and make sure you are still on tracks to target the same audience. Being a small channel is painful if you don't accept the ups and downs in such a small channel scale. Sometimes you post a video and it drives barely any view, and then one week later all eyes and search are aiming to that, so patience plays a role here too. Great video!

  6. your channel is the best thing that has ever happened to youtube in my opinion. It also would be super cool if you could also create some videos on facebook personal page promotion

  7. Thank you for the great tips sunny! I am very new to you tube and just starting my channel. I just uploaded a video yesterday and only have 1 view so far 😟 I’ve been binge watching your videos

  8. You definitely know what you're talking about because I've been bingeing on your content! The problem is that there is so much useful information that I want to implement that it gets a bit overwhelming. But, one step at a time. Thanks for all you share!

  9. Hi, Sunny! I have a channel that's a bit of a mess since I'm working in several different directions (music and meditation).

    My question is this: I have a video that is doing well and climbing in views. Do I move the rest of my videos to another channel where I can play and continue to find my direction in music and writing? Or do I start a new channel for this one meditation video and add more videos just like this? My subscribers are minimal and split between the two areas of focus.

    Im thinking a fresh start for the meditation video would give me a chance to build methodically and in a niche. However, I would lose my view count. What would you do?

  10. Okay i need help, i started a youtube channel and i tried to go from a personal one to a branded account not i cant login to it on my phone and i keep getting the 500 server error monkey screen on my computer idk what to do

  11. This is very helpful as all your videos are.
    One thing I'm stuck on and having difficulty finding info on is creating a series of videos. What I mean is, I filmed about two hours of footage on a travel experience and want to break it up into continual series instead of leaving out info and making it shorter but don't want to make it too long either. For example, one video leads into another and then another. I hope this makes sense.
    Any tips on how to go about this would in be appreciated?

  12. You beat me to it, Too many videos focus too much on getting subscribers instead of increasing watch time as you want people to be actually watching your videos if you are putting the time into it. My tools were different, end screens, playlists, new thumbnails, tagging in multiple languages. I consistently grew per day and my old library is getting more activity.

  13. Thank you I got a small Chanel looking for more subscribers I started learning from your channel you doing awesome good I do positive words in courage and do much more and still learning every subscriber gives me a smile

  14. Sunny, I am boosting your "watch time" all by myself! Love your videos, love your thinking, appreciate your content! My new YT channel will launch in mid-September. Stay tuned for DuffLaw Digital! You'll see a lot of your suggestions in our posts! BYO Boss!

  15. Hey Sunny Hey!! It’s me. Just stopped by to see whatcha been up too😉. Seriously I say it all the time (pretty much every video you put out, lol) thank you for these videos!! I am a nerd and just soak up information like this. I have the watch hours my issues is getting the subscribers. However, I know why that is and I’m working on it. Thanks boo thang!!

  16. I love your channel ❤❤ but I just don't know which kind of niche suits me 🙁 I like beauty but I also like comedy and I don't know ich want to do everything but that is not really working. Also I am stuck at 15-16 subscribers and I don't know why it is not changing. Furthermore, I don't get any kind of feedback and therefore don't know what to do better

  17. Great Content as always Sunny! The last one was mind blowing. So simple but effective!!!
    Timestamp table of Content below, watch it anyway.
    00:30 | 1. Find key themes that do well at your channel. Check your analytics for this.
    Tip: 3 R Method. Recreate (Update), Related (First Insta post, then Insta Story), Revolutionary (completely new).
    Tip2: Break your knowledge down into tactics (06:36)
    07:20 | Series based content.Create content that fits to another that your new follower ping pong from video to video. Use groups and playlists.
    Tip: Reasons for playlists 09:07
    10:05 | 3. Add your links. In Description, playlist. Also pin links like her.
    11:20 | 4. Best time to set cards in Videos.
    13:08 | 5. Call to Action. To video, freebe whatever. Just use it!
    14:28 | 6. Evergreen Content. Not based in trends or viral videos. Her Instagram videos will be relevant as long as instagram exist.
    16:14 | 7. End Screen – keep talking! So the User is engaged till the end and have the chance to click another video.

  18. Thank you for this. i always get ideas from every video I've watched from your channel. Please, if you have time, try to look at my channel (Lois Playtime) , and please I need your expert outlook from you in how to improve what part needs improvement to my channel.. Very much appreciated. Thank you very much

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