Bring your local business online #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal

Video #2 in a series to help build an online presence for your local business. With the example of Scott, the realtor, you’ll learn about the marketing funnel, setting an online goal, and highlighting what makes your business special. More information at


4 thoughts on “Bring your local business online #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal”

  1. In general I really enjoy these videos Google releases, but I have to disagree with their definition of "conversion". If you own a local business, someone simply calling you, setting an appointment, or walking into your store isn't a "conversion". True conversions for a local business owner happen when a prospective customer becomes an actual customer. In the example of your real estate agent (brother in law?) Scott, a conversion would be when a prospect signs an exclusive contract allowing him to sell their house and they become a client (assuming he's a seller's agent). For your sister's jewelry store, the conversion isn't someone simply calling her or walking into her business, but when that walk-in actually buys a piece of jewelry. There's hope that a phone call, meeting, or walk-in will convert in the future, but until that happens, they just consumed limited resources and remain a prospect. A good local marketer will teach them to add these prospects to a sales-pipeline for future efforts for conversion by getting their contact information. This is accomplished by signing them up for a email newsletter, getting a home address to send promotions, or a phone number for follow up conversations. If a small business measures his success with "conversions" that never actually converted (went from a prospect to a customer), then they are measuring success by something other than profits which are the only thing that makes a business successful. Hope this helps some local business owner!

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