Reputation SEO: The Most Important SEO Strategy Of All Time

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Many people think if they create traffic, they will get conversions

I thought the same way when I started until I realized that this is false

Instead, you need to convince your traffic to buy from you

Using things like positive PR, guest blogging, Forbes mentioned and much more.

By doing your own reputation management and PR, you’re more likely to get conversions as people genuinely feel confident in purchasing your product

But this can only work if you have a good brand

Reputation management only works when a company has a solid product and not a scammy/underperforming product or service

Simply put, you cannot market a product if it has bad reviews and bad press

For instance, when Chipotle announced that some of their food contents had the “ecoli”. Many consumers stopped eating there as it was mentioned on top news publications

Chipotle lost millions of customers and their stock priced DIPPED

The same can happen with your company

This is why you need to start building good PR before the bad PR comes to haunt you

Because just giving you a little tip, it will come. And when it does, you need to be prepared

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