How to Automatically Tag Your WordPress Posts and Save Time

Adding tags to your WordPress blog posts can sometimes be difficult to remember as well as time consuming. Sometimes you may want WordPress to tag using a list of tags for you. In this video, we will show you how to automatically tag your WordPress posts and save time.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by installing and activating the Automatic Post Tagger plugin.

The settings can be found under Settings, Automattic Post Tagger.

In the settings you can manipulate multiple things but we recommend not changing the settings for now.

You can now add a tag name and the keywords you want attached to that tag from either the post page or the settings page.

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7 thoughts on “How to Automatically Tag Your WordPress Posts and Save Time”

  1. The plugin is 80% there….Why not make it completely automatic? If the plugin were smarter, it'd be able to auto-scan the posts and come up with the tags itself. I mean, if I have both political and tech news stories on my blog, and one of the political articles says "Obama pulled out his iPhone" and it gets tagged as "tech" because I specified that as a keyword for tech then it's useless anyway. Why not just have the bots auto-categorize everything, then let us humans go in and tweak the one-off posts. This is nice for most probably, but I am setting up a website with over 100 categories/topics. I cannot spend a while day setting up these groups.

  2. i have a problem in wordpress about tags with is very importent for seo
    for example in my templete i set that tags auto get from post title
    for example title name is abstract new wallpaper the tag will auto set to abstract new wallpaper.
    but how can i remove the empty space with comma i want to set the like
    i use this plugin but i really have no idea how to just only set the old tags to post title and empty space fill with ,
    like : abstract,new,wallpaper

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