How to Add a Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress

Step by step guide on how to add a floating horizontal social share bar in WordPress by using the floating social bar plugin.

Floating social bar is the best social media plugin for WordPress that allows you to maximize your social media visibility without impacting your site speed.

This an extremely light-weight plugin that allows you to add social media buttons to WordPress without slowing down your site.

Download Floating Social Bar plugin for free

Floating Social Bar

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20 thoughts on “How to Add a Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress”

  1. This plugin has been recommended in a number of plugin lists b/c it's fast and lightweight, which appeal to me since I want my site to be as fast as possible. I don't like that there are tickers to show how many people have shared an article. It seems like that might not be a good thing in a brand new blog when you are trying to build an audience. It looks bad when you have 0 or 1 share. That info might be good to make public LATER, after you have enough shares for the numbers to look impressive, but not in the beginning. It seems to me that the plugin would be even lighter if it just showed the icons instead of tracking the number of shares.

  2. That sounds good to me! I just don't see how it gets shared. I noticed on your website, I click "Like" and it gives me a pop-up to share on my wall. I try from my site and it doesn't happen. Is that normal as well?

  3. That is the intended behavior of this plugin. The count is stored in cache to prevent the script from loading. This updates every 30 minutes. You can change the cache time as you please.

    However if you think about, the user is not going to refresh your page to see if their share went through. Once they have read and shared your article, they will go onto the next one or leave. So they don't see this.

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