How can I optimize my site on a small budget?

Keen Agents from Glendale, CA asks:

“How does someone begin to SEO their site on a small budget in an overwhelmed industry such as real estate?”

Recorded on April 23, 2009.


11 thoughts on “How can I optimize my site on a small budget?”

  1. @realtybiz360 Yes it well. At least in my experience. People will search for videos on how to do something in your nitch and see that you are advertizing your site and go to it. It also helps putting a face to your site. People will feel like they know you and inturn trust your site. 2createawebsite has done a GREAT job in this. I found Lisa's site through a youtube search, and now trust her alot. So keep making those videos.

  2. I have video tutorials on my website showcasing my service. Will I get more SEO traffic to my webiste if I drop these videos into my YouTube channel and then embed the YouTube version of my video tutorials on my website? In other words, will YouTube bring me more views? Thanks

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