Flash PHP MySQL Tutorial: Data Feed Loop Result HTML Rendering

Source Files – http://www.developphp.com/video/Flash/Data-Feed-Loop-Result-with-HTML-Rendering
Learn to think more dynamically using Flash AS3, PHP, and MySQL auto Data feeds.


11 thoughts on “Flash PHP MySQL Tutorial: Data Feed Loop Result HTML Rendering”

  1. i am designing a game built in 3d max design loaded into flash where someone picks things out.like toys etc. i want to incorporate a database and a picker like a mouse to pick the items.

  2. When I upload my files to the server, it seems that I get an error with the php feed file (like it's restricted or not on my local machine), but then again, I can go through my server files from Filezilla and it's there…

  3. Hi Adam,
    I've put all my files on my server, i launch my html (which I published from flash CS5.5) from Dreamweaver (linked to my server), and I still get "undefined"… my sql request is fine, i tested in phpmyadmin prior using it in my code… can you help? :S

  4. Strange. My data gets loaded when I do it on my PC, but when same thing is uploaded, it gives undefined error. If someone has solution, then please respond to my post. thanks.

  5. Dear Sir, using AS2, I send data from flash to PHP. The data can be echoed in php. But when I use the same variable in query. PHP does not recognize the variable. for instance,
    //$names is received safely from flash
    //$namer can be echoed and shows that data has been received from flash
    $query=mysql_query("Select * FROM phone WHERE name='$namer'") or die(mysql_error());
    //here $namer shows up blank and query is not run.

  6. i want it done in AS2 🙁
    hey undefined guys, just change the text box to dynamic and set variable name according to the var used in php file, for instance if it says echo 'message='.$x
    , name ur text box as message
    it'll work. but somebody tell me why variables from php don't flow to flash AS2 🙁

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