Audio Workshop 6 Playlist Array JavaScript Tutorial

Lesson Code:
Learn to program an HTML5 audio playlist using JavaScript arrays.


21 thoughts on “Audio Workshop 6 Playlist Array JavaScript Tutorial”

  1. hey, Adams, please i have videos displayed from mysql database displayed like the thumbnails on the right side of the youtube playlist and i want it in a such a way that anytime i click on each video, it can play in a bigger div like watching videos on youtube. am a subscriber to your channel and have worked on this several weeks but to no avail. please i need your help to complete my project. thanks

  2. I don't know if you have any tutorials about this and it could be mainly because I don't know how to look it up, but wanted to know if you any showing how to maintain a HTML element static in the wroser even if we are changing urls within the the site. (For example the sound cloud player, which keeps playing the track even when browsing the site).
    By the way, you tutorials are just awesome, you have helped me a lot thaks!

  3. Works on PC and Mac, but on Android or iOS, anything MOBILE, I have to press button to launch nexttrack function for EACH entry. Is there a way to force it to load/cache each of them BEFORE playing?

  4. Adam, is there a way to import the playlist elements directly from a text file instead of hard coding them into the playlist variable? I've been struggling with this for weeks and getting nowhere fast.

  5. Adam it'll be nice if you put added new to your website of reference just added. I read through all the htm5l trio(HTML,CSS, JS)Reference, and scroll up to see you added audio to it, would have miss it if it wasn't for the visited link CSS design.

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