31 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Design Template: Adobe Fireworks CS4”

  1. Thank you, sir! You are the only one who has answered my question! Not even my friends could tell me when I spelled it out for them in person. I have the answer now: YouTube partner for extra space at the top. Cheers.

  2. any custom graphics you say, but how do I keep it below 256K when I add custom pictures :(??? The file gets bigger when I add these graphics, how do I keep it small file still? Please help

  3. @codymoss3300 yep , its possible ..you dont have to export it just go to file > save as or ctrl+shift+s , under the file which is Save Copy As, choose the Photoshop PSD (*.psd) .. after that click save.. you can still edit the layout using photoshop (the one that you save as psd)…

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