#WorkInProgress | One small town sock maker's fight for jobs

Fort Payne, Alabama was the former “Sock Capital of the World” until a trade deal triggered job losses. In this installment of #WorkInProgress, we show how one sock maker is pushing to keep “Made in USA” manufacturing jobs.


5 thoughts on “#WorkInProgress | One small town sock maker's fight for jobs”

  1. How about branching out to medical compression socks? What are the margins like? Local sports team socks? Amazon needs an option to filter by country of origin. Ie. Made in America.

  2. I fell in love with your story and your socks. My husband started stealing my Zkano socks …which is the biggest compliment to the quality of your socks. Now I buy your socks for him too and for my kids and my grandkids. The best socks ever. ` thank you! You guys really did an amazing thing. https://zkano.com/

  3. I want to thank everyone at LinkedIn for sharing our story with their community and seeing the value in what we are trying to do at our sock mill here in Ft. Payne, Ala. I especially want to thank Heesun Wee, Scott Erickson and Tony Cruz for telling our story in such an honest and beautiful way. We are thrilled we were selected as a part of their #WorkinProgress series and we're so proud of this piece! #SmallBusiness #MadeinUSA

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