Webinar Marketing, The Journey, Episode 23, Season 2

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Do you use webinars in your marketing? This episode of the Journey shows how Social Media Examiner created and promoted a four-part webinar series designed to educate and persuade.

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Tim Paige: http://timpaigewebinars.com/
Social Media Marketing World 2019: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/tvrx
AI Media provides closed captioning: https://www.ai-media.tv/

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14 thoughts on “Webinar Marketing, The Journey, Episode 23, Season 2”

  1. What’s all the hub-bub, bub? I didn’t see any issue 🤔 – I watch this series for all its content, because it’s inspired, real and honest. Keep it coming! Oh, and like most people in this industry, I’m always learning. 👍

  2. Oh Yes! We have definitely upset our fans by making an ignorant comment in an email that was not well thought out. But hey – if you are going to put yourself out there by writing and creating there will be some epic fails along the way. We owned the mistake, made a genuine apology and everybody moved on to higher ground. It goes with the territory!

  3. So how about, as SME is global, you have non-USA peeps promoting the Virtual ticket than only USA in your webinar? Or a mix at least? It's all USA-Centric – as usual.

  4. How did I upset my fans? I changed something, quickly announced it in a blast to everyone, instead of segmenting. I have a small group of who have all of the inside story, my life etc. They don't need back story, because they have the backstory. I have a group of people, just give me a quick blast, the main points, that's all I need. Then of course the newbies. Yikes, I know better than to send the same blast to everyone, but I did it anyway. Opens dropped.

    I lead in the church world, (christian focus) online and offline.

    1-People vote this way, (including offline). Some vote with their feet, they quietly disappear with no comments, and if we try to find out the problem no communication will happen.

    2- People vote with their finances. They stop giving, (financial gifts) some will explain others will not.

    3- People stop purchasing, (refer to my mistake of one blast for everyone.

    4- It is important for me to find balance in paying attention to the people who are with me, instead of people who are not. When I become myopic and only focus on what is not working, I risk losing the people who are with me, because I pay more attention to who is not.

    In today's world I am always learning lessons, making necessary changes and in the middle of the world of metrics reminding myself, the numbers are people. The people are human beings with feelings, and have a life outside of my social media world. There will be times, even when I look at my metrics and my feedback, I will not always find the answer to the problem.

    Thanks Social Media Examiner for keeping us updated and for your transparency with what is not working and what is working. I have stayed connected with you since you began long ago.

    Founder and Leader of Relationships of the Heart

  5. There's no such thing as failure: everything is either a win or a learning experience. And the fact that you share these experiences here publicly makes us all learn from them!

    I don't know when, but I will be joining you guys in San Diego – that's a promise.

  6. Wow people flamed you for that? Sounds like the persuasive webinars were right move. We’ve been seeing some success with short 15-minute webinars called “Sip and Solve”, as long as you can deliver real value they tend to lead to deeper engagement.

  7. To the small handful of haters that complained about the Pinterest email… DUDE MARKETING IS ABOUT TAKING RISKS. It is the only way to learn. SMMW leads by example. I'd bet $100 that the people that complained are 1) not fully exploring marketing channels available to them and 2) not taking risks = not growing. SMMW, the team, and the speakers have been 100% committed to growing this industry and providing top-notch actionable advice. Keep on keepin' on team!

  8. I appreciate your authenticity so much because you are relatable. I want to share what came up for me from this episode. I no longer think of Email Marketing Campaigns as email "Blasts" because I along with many people who I have asked during my classes say it makes us think of SPAM emails. So anytime I am feeling like sending a "Blast" I back up, pause and come back to review my plan. I don't like sending my entire list a "blast" without segmenting and doing an A/B test. I realize that when I want to send a blast, it is because I am feeling anxiety over sales, I sleep on it and then come back to it because usually I end up creating a much better Email Marketing Campaign. I know it may just be semantics, but it influences the intention of my content thereby influencing my outcomes.

  9. Ignore the haters (sometimes). You have a "core" group of folks who love what SME is all about. Of course learn from it – but you'll always have the extreme haters no matter what you do. In fact of course most are not haters just annoyed! ONWARD!

  10. Haha it really wasnt bad in my opinion. So many channels use the click bait titles that I'm honestly surprised it even mattered that much to anyone (especially marketers…..). I get that you emailed it out so it wasn't organic clicking that expected it to be click bait. But, the reality is.. they work and that's why they get used. For clicks. Sure, I'd avoid emailing click bait but the actual title of a vlog style video like this, I might still consider. For one: the biggest name YouTuber's just call it for what it is. Case in point, Casey Neisdat actually puts in his titles sometimes (yes this is click bait) by doing so it's on brand now, expected and accepted. That added bit of transparency in the title or even in the videos makes it more generally accepted in vlogging overall.

  11. I can't believe I don't hear more about the virtual tickets, they're like the thing you could scale the most I think. The negative comments around the pinterest episode is crazy, I totally wouldn't have thought about that before sending that email. I didn't think people were that sensitive, but I suppose they're coming from a different platform (email) where you've built up a preconceived idea of what the users going to get and you're going against the grain slightly (edit: and I guess it's bad timing with Pinterest filing for IPO now https://www.retaildive.com/news/pinterest-unexpectedly-files-for-ipo-seeks-12b-market-value/549001/ )

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