WAPG 4 Script Based Animation Programming JavaScript CSS Tutorial

Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript/WAPG-4-Script-Based-Animation-Programming-JavaScript-CSS-Tutorial
Learn to program script-based animations with JavaScript using requestAnimationFrame, cancelAnimationFrame, setInterval or setTimeout. Using timing methods provides a greater level of control over how things animate on the screen and is ideal for video game development and other interactive animated applications. requestAnimationFrame is a method that invokes a callback function and uses the browser software’s display refresh rate which is usually 60 Frames Per Second.


24 thoughts on “WAPG 4 Script Based Animation Programming JavaScript CSS Tutorial”

  1. hello, i copied your code exactly & while yours is only slightly moving over 1 px at a time mines moving 3500px each time? have no idea why. even tried setting it to 0.00000000001 & it still does the same thing? any ideas

  2. Hello Adam, I do not know if you will see this or not, but I just want to tell you that I started coding from 0 with you and your tutorials. now coding became one of my passions. I will always be grateful and thankful because you are one of the most amazing teachers I have learnt from in my entire life. Stay awesome Adam and thank you so much for your time and your effort.

  3. Hello Mr. Adam I cant sign up at web intersect so am asking you a question here..1) How to make a button which changes its link after 100 people have clicked it from different places??2)how to make a email form which emails in mass ( i mean i paste number of emails in just one text box and post the same email to all)??
    Pls pls help me If u have already made a video on that then it would be great if u share the link with me…thanks

  4. nice tutorial but i have a question that – if i pass value directly to the function in button tag for example startanimation(right or left ); in my case it is not working and i am also taking a value as a perimeter in function startanimation(). ?

  5. Varying degrees of knowledge aimed on these videos, what I did get from this though is how to use the requestAnimationFrame. I've been using setTimeout and haven't bothered looking up how requestAnimationFrame works.

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