THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE (CRAZY STORY!) / Four years ago I read a book and it changed my life. A few weeks ago, I got to interview the author. Full circle moment. It was freaking amazing, and the video is live now – with some sweet, super inspiring ‘day in the life’ bits for you as well!

The more you show up as yourself, the more other people will be inspired to do the same. It may sound a bit cheesy these days, but IT IS SO TRUE.

Not only do I get to interview Danielle LaPorte in today’s video, but I also get to stand in front of a group of the most incredible women, and share about what inspired me to do what I do today.

From 4 years ago reading a book on the beach in Thailand that changed my life, to interviewing the author of the book, this is a crazy full-circle episode that I can’t wait for you to check out!


“The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte (book):











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  1. Hi Sunny, wow this is a powerful video! The words that resonated (above all) with me were 'the more you show up as YOU gives others permission to show up as themselves'. Those words gave me a new perspective on how important it is to show up. Yes, I have a business and yes I found you on YouTube because I want to learn how to use YouTube to sell more, get leads, etc. But beyond that, I'd love to help others show up as themselves 🙂 You have a great 'authenticity' vibe. And now you are doing more 'who is Sunny?' content and I'm excited to see what's coming! You can tell that you are empowered, not by the income, but by the freedom your income provides. It's motivating! Don't stop sharing your story, you are going to touch so many people who really need to hear what you have to say. I'm one of them, thank you for showing up as YOU 😊🙏

  2. I love reading books. I never get tired of reading because it keeps me calm and relaxed. It motivates me and gives me a lot of ideas for my online business and how to go on with the challenges in my life. Some books that I've read have made some huge impact on my life.

  3. This was such a powerful video. I love all of your videos but this particular speech was fire!! What comes most naturally to me is exploring and learning and striving to be better while loving who I am and helping others to do the same.

  4. Thank you for doing this video, I fell stuck in my life right now this video helped me. I'm sorry about your friends that you lost.
    Thank you, I really want to read this book sounds wonderful.

  5. I couldn’t have watched this at a better time than now! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I am still so new to the YouTube world, but I feel like anything is possible!! Thank you again for being you & for making such a difference in my life! ❤️🙌🏻

  6. OMG! this video was everything to me!! Just like that book changed your life, this video is life changing as well. Thank you so much for your message! and for this channel!! I love it! and it has been helping me a lot. Which is crazy cause i just discovered you last week :O

  7. hello Sunny Lenarduzzi. first of all congrats on the book's success. you earned it. i'm about to launch my channel of 56 subscribers soon but there's only one thing that i'm a bit puzzled on. lets start off with the fact that I've been wanting to do a channel about the media and the film industry for a really long time now. I was thinking of doing a movie review channel with the occasional let's play video every now and then. the only issue is that those two genres especially have a crazy amount of competition and over saturation. it would almost be impossible for me to make it right? also my first video is taking a long time to make and considering the fact that the YT algorithm favours quantity over quality it would take ages for me to get even a mild bit of attention. I have a real passion for the movie industry and I wouldn't want to change niches. I was hoping you could give me some advice. anyway have a nice day!

  8. Try reading your favorite book one hour/d for the rest of your life. – Theodore Alexander Vegh (P.S. This will take a lot of self discipline which will spill over into other areas of your life.)

  9. My art comes naturally to me, yet I’m always wary to monetize on it. As it’s so special to me. I don’t want to feel like I’m cheapening my art to pay for bills.

    Don’t know if anyone has that same feeling about something they’ve always loved. 🌸💞

  10. What a great video and start of the Easter Sunday! Thank you 😍 Your question puzzle me tho :)) I thought I am a dreamer by nature but apparently through years and bumps on the road learned how to tame my dreams. As I am also passionate and like to work on projects yet now trying to minimize belongings and ideas as they just are never stopping :)). Peace!

  11. That woman Danielle is so deeply nourishing to listen to just that bit at : 6:00 is so so just TRUTH. I work with women who have suffered burnout (like I did) on how to renourish themselves back to wellness and spiritual sanity.

  12. Thanks for this video, made me tear up! I love you even more now!! I also love to do videos and photos, have been for years, I've always been the friends that takes more pics then I need, anyway I also love custom woodworking projects!!! The last couple of years I've been slowing allowing myself to do those things more, working less, to be able to do those things!!! I also just started helping business get on social media, and you would be surprised how many are still not even on Facebook, and that could help them grow their business!!! I had gone through a bad breakup, over the last couple of years, still healing from that, and almost gave up, too, but videos like yours really helped me out, so thanks again! I know that, I still have work, but now, I'm happy knowing I have videos like these and books like your mentor to turn too!!!!!$🌞😎🎬📷📹🎥💃🔥🏃📙📚💯%⚓🇺🇸💪🍻💚🙏✌

  13. Biggest takeaway: show up as you are. Even if you’re struggling with owning who you are right now, that too is ok. It takes time. But trying is better than letting your authentic self hide underneath layers of “who you should be”. Thank you Sunny for sharing, so glad I finally got to watch this one! ❤️

    I had a hard time thinking about what comes naturally to me but really it’s writing. It’s the written word and also performing/singing.

  14. That video is so inspiring! That question is really an eye-opener. What comes naturally to me, that I haven’t thought about, is explaining and helping my friends that have no experience in tech stuff, how to use technologies (social media, apps, websites). They come to me whenever they have questions so I’m going to use all the advice in your videos and make that my reality.

  15. LOVED this video! I loved the message that before being productive, you have to love yourself. Also the stories you shared are just inspiring to go after your crazy dreams. Thanks for setting the example girl and being so raw! ❤️

  16. Thank you, I'm a 63 year old full time professional musician/educator. I didn't pursue my dreams until I turned 40. Didn't learn to play piano till I was in my 30's. Went back to college and majored in Jazz piano performance in my 40's. Since 40 I've performed at Carnegie Hall, produced cd's, scored film, music directed plays. opened and ran my own music studio for the last 20 years. all after 40. Now at 63, my wife and I are moving to a new phase. I'm a new youtuber literally as of March. Want to inspire others to pursue their dreams because it's never too late as long as you're alive, as well as teach piano with videos online. I may be the only male subscriber, (maybe not, the principles you share are universal) but I truly believe Women offer a different insight than men do, you guys just think so much wider than men. We can have laser focus, but sometimes it can be to our detriment, at least I can say that my laser focus doesn't always serve me. Been married 35+ years, my wife is at least twice as smart as I am. Awesome insight in your video.
    blessings, prosperity, and peace to you always. BTW new subscriber. and thanks again.

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