Should I use a separate IP address for each country-specific site?

For one customer we have about a dozen individual websites for different countries and languages, with different TLDs under one IP number. Is this okay for Google or do you prefer one IP number per country TLD?
Yves Luther, Germany

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14 thoughts on “Should I use a separate IP address for each country-specific site?”

  1. Really good question asked to Mr. Cutts: "Should I use a separate IP address for each country-specific site?"

    In an ideal world it would be wonderful if you could have a separate IP for each domain and have it placed in different domains.

    Matt says the "top level domain" is a very strong indicator" and is enough of a signal to do the job, not to worry about grabbing IP's for each country

    IMO – if you want to be sure, get the country specific IP anyway 🙂

  2. That answers one question but how about if you are in the same country, like the us and have multiple different domains, will this be a issue – different type domains

  3. Interesting. From my experience, server/IP location matters, at least for US based websites. While located in Europe, we have a website focused on US customers hosted by US company in the States with US based IP. It ranks on google much better then its predecessor with .COM TLD but hosted in Europe.

  4. Top level domains are the key to identifying a site's country. The IP address is secondary and more use in enhancing speed of access for users with the hosting server being closer to the user.

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