22 thoughts on “Non-Tech Interview 101 with @TwitterU”

  1. Dear Twitter, I hope your happy I'm pissed off but you suspended my account and must have gave it to someone else also my stuff was on there, thanks Twitter, thanks alot you shitty fucking company!

  2. ………Twitter………you are pieces of sh*t……..every one of you. Stay off my PC with you're BS Hockeytwitterfamily YT AD crap. You are the enemy of the people and if I ran the world you would all be hiding in a cave by now. Just f*ck off and die already.

  3. You locked my account and now I can't go back in I've done forms for months to get it back and it's saying coz I'm young when I'm not I was 13 but now 14 now could you unlock my account coz I've been waiting for this unlock for 2 years now coz my head is gonna give this a bad review.

  4. Just got Twitter today and they just locked it. It then said that my account can be authorized again and now when I sign it it brings me to a white screen that says “ are you a robot” please see this and fix twitter.

  5. @twitter Please put me back on twitter, I did not mean to offend anyone if I did, it was not my intention, I was getting mad at someone, so sorry put me back on please.

  6. The corrupted cock suckers that run twitter can suck my left nut sack. Since you want to suspend me for telling the truth you can go fuck yourselves you fucking faggoty ass mother fuckers.

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