How to Build a Photography Website with WordPress

Building a photography website can be confusing when you are just starting out. This video will help you create a photography website using WordPress step by step no steps skipped.

Resources mentioned:


Envira Gallery

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In order to build the best photography website with WordPress, you must select a good WordPress hosting, the right photography theme, and a perfect photography plugin.

If you want to showcase your photos and get more clients, then follow this tutorial to build your photography site with WordPress. We will sign up to HostGator using the link below to install and set up our site:

Choose whichever theme you prefer on the site and set up the widgets and other areas however you like. Once that is set up we would suggest purchasing and installing the Envira Gallery plugin to showcase your images using the link below:

It will allow you to select a theme, setup and quite a few other tools to help you get the most out of displaying your images. It will even allow you to set up defaults so your galleries will have a default setup for each time you create one.


10 thoughts on “How to Build a Photography Website with WordPress”

  1. hello im having trouble adding the plugins for the envira gallery i paid for the one went thought what you told me but they will not install and idea

  2. Hi I had a question for you! When I go to upload my photographs in wordpress, they show up REALLY tiny. Have you ever experienced this and do you know if there is a way to fix it?

  3. thank you for this video. if I want to sell my client his photo on my website, what do I do? the client can see his photos but cannot download them.

  4. I wish that it had not been a sales pitch for Enviro Gallery and had continued in the gallery light for those of us who are not ready to commit to any particular gallery plug-in at this point. I had to give up on the video because I could no longer follow it.

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