HOW THIS THERAPIST GREW TO 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS & $100,000 IN REVENUE // CLIENT CASE STUDY / Learn how you can pass 100K subscribers on your business, and how to translate that to $100K in revenue!

I’m chatting with one of my clients who is a therapist and has taken her channel from scratch to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and $100,000 in revenue per year!

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  1. M also SpritualLifeCoach So thts so inspiring 👌 Though I just gave up on youtube 😝 😍 Coz someone told me to upload video daily & I did it. Nothing happened actually. Not much growth. Once a week sounds great 👌 😍 Anyone can do it 😝

  2. Sunny I love you but I feel like I didnt' get that much from this video; I got overall like ok– it takes awhile to get good, share everything, consistency…but way too general in nature to be helpful. I already am like midlevel Youtuber and know alot of the means but I hope this was gonna be more meat/protein (LOL.) It felt very generally motivational- which is great but not what I needed. Oh and I'm so happy you posted a video on Italy- that is totally different not about YTube or biz.

  3. Hi Social blade is showing I have -17635 video views & -£47 can anyone explain why?🤷‍♂️ I have checked my YouTube account and all seams normal any advice would really be appreciated thank you 😊

  4. Love every bit of this video. I felt so much more motivated to do my thing and show the world what affiliate marketing can do for them and that how it changed my life as well. This will definitely help me to continue aiming to grow my YT channel. Thanks for this, Sunny! 💪🏻💖😍✨

  5. I love that Sunny😘 you're indeed a great inspiration to most of us here.
    This is what I keep on saying. I love this channel to the core. I came across this channel just a week ago and after following your tips/directive I got my first 100 subs in a day. I'm so grateful @sunny and to all the smaller YouTubers you can sub me and comment done so I do same for 🙏🙏🙏❤

  6. I agree with that point of being connected to a community…I felt so lonely after varsity when decided to be a solopreneur…I wanted to be part of something like an institution of like minded individuals. Community is very important…so I would also still pay Sunny to be a part of her tribe even though there is so much value in the free content.

  7. So inspiring! I am new to this, 13 subscribers… lol… but I am doing it and going for it. My knowledge is very helpful but my delivery sucks, I am sure! I am hoping to improve over time. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration! You guys rock!!

  8. Sorry to hear the vlog didn't connect with everyone. I think you are on to something when it comes to sharing your vision in posts that are [perceived as] off brand. Sarah Dietschy makes the great point about one for you & one for the audience, but I think there are accidental moments to add value that will only manefest in the process. I found an analog to your hesitation to jumping & getting my channel started. I had an opportunity to start posting a year ago but was chained to an analysis paralysis vortex: I had 4 trips in 3 months that where a great opportunity to just document my journey. There are lessons hidden in those off brand vlogs. Please keep sharing, there are operators in waiting that are looking for a particular spark to flip the switch.
    May your creative reservoir be in the perpetual path of the deluge!

  9. I've heard of two people who make 6 figures from the program, but I'm curious about the other 2998 people that have bought the program. How are they doing? Is anyone else seeing close to this type of success or at all?

  10. Hi Sunny, I have a course already made and is not doing well , Iaunched my youtube channel 3 weeks back with 17 subscribers. I have been following your help. I am interested in two of your programs. YTB and the online course launch. My question is which one should I buy? Please help urgently with the question. I am ready to take the next step. I don't have an actual audience as of now.

  11. Wow! Thank you both for this video! Needed it. Watched the whole thing. Sub'd to Julia and registered for bossyoutubstrategy. Much appreciated👏

  12. Hi Sunny, Just watched the full discussion. Just what I needed. I dived into the deep end a few weeks ago and have the first two videos out! Had this idea for years but never got round to start. Thank you for all the great advise, you have already taught me a lot. I feel confident that every film will be better!, thanks a million – Heidi from ‘pelvic news channel’.

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