Fireworks CS4 Rubber Stamp Tool Tutorial – Editing Photos

Learn to master the rubber stamp tool in Adobe Fireworks CS4.
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13 thoughts on “Fireworks CS4 Rubber Stamp Tool Tutorial – Editing Photos”

  1. I tried photoshop for about 45 minutes and have used fireworks ever since. If I could afford to upgrade past version 8 id have done it. Fireworks is a lot more web graphic friendly in my opinion. Or maybe just easier to output graphics for the web. Hardly anyone talks about fireworks though. Everything you see is photoshop

  2. im not using photoshop …. i love fireworks you can make a website using fireworks…

    this is cool video ..

    mr flashbuilding guy .. can you make a video on how to make a logo how to make a text roll in a circle

    i really dont know how to make using fireworks ..

    and how also can you make video about text properties

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