Captivate tutorial: Using conditional actions to affect object visibility |

If you need to display elements such as logos, headers, and footers across several slides in your Captivate project, try using master slides. With master slides you can easily reuse content–find out how in this tutorial. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Captivate Advanced Techniques course presented by author Anastasia McCune. The complete course is 4 hours and 33 minutes and shows how to create engaging elearning content quickly and effectively by harnessing the full power of Captivate’s advanced interaction and recording capabilities.

1. Preparing and Recording Projects
2. Utilizing Formatting Shortcuts
3. Creating and Controlling Quality Audio
4. Variables and Advanced Actions
5. Utilizing Question Pools
6. Overlooked Panels and Tricks
7. Setting Up Accessibility
8. Creating Video Demos
9. Navigation within and between Lessons
10. Preparing and Publishing Projects


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