Ahrefs Tutorial 2019 (Complete Guide On How To Use Ahrefs)

What is up there SEO pros?

Today I’m gonna be showing you how to use ahrefs and I will be giving you pretty much all of the tips and tricks I know of.

This tutorial is for a spreadsheet that I’ve made of my top 30+ SEO tools that you can download for free here: https://chasereiner.com/blog/seo/downloadable-list-of-seo-tools/

There are a couple different types of pricing for ahrefs.

The plan I use is $179 per year and I think that’s really the one that’s worth getting if you’re going to be doing the $99 per month subscription you don’t actually get to really see that great of competitive research which is sort of annoying so I probably wouldn’t recommend getting that one unless you really can’t afford the $179 per year subscription.

If that is the case, I would probably just get SEMRush instead which I’m not really a big fan of SEMRush but it’s probably better if you do that then the alternative.

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