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1. SSL
2. Title tag on home page is ridiculous
3. Take phone number out meta description
4. Take out meta keywords tag
5. Put h1 tags on pages
6. Fix server response times
7. Do image compression
8. Add fav icon
9. Add organization markup to home page
10. Fix OG data on home page
11. Add 301 redirects to preferred version of website
12. Fix all title tags on site and take out keyword stuffing
13. All meta descriptions on site are exactly the same, need to be unique
14. Get rid of links in footer + pages that are only made to game search engine for local rankings without unique content
15. Fix the way too many links on home page
16. Fix site / change to mobile friendly / responsive
17. May be getting interstitial pop up penalty
18. URL Structure is really odd with /content/ before posts, might want to change this
19. Go through search console and see what pages are ranking and consider no indexing the other pages that aren’t
20. Setup search console and analytics to see what’s going on
21. Change site to different CMS unless you want to work with an SEO who also knows drupal
22. Do a deep crawl


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