Quora (Paid): Getting Relevant Traffic

01:41 Introduction
06:40 JD starts presenting
07:57 What is Quora?
09:57 Jakie Chan answering the question
11:40 Is my audience on Quora?
12:52 High-intent Audience
14:45 How to get relevant traffic
15:21 I don’t even see the Ads! How do they look like?
16:00 Promoted Answers (like boost your post in FB)
16:52 Targeting Options
17:51 3 ways to bid
21:00 Scale Performance
21:56 5 Fabulous tips by JD Prater
24:20 New program: Quora QuickStart
25:49 New Features
27:48 Q&A: Can you target by income?
29:27 Who is Quora better for? B2B or B2C
36:00 Use SEMrush to get the most valuable Question
37:38 What about the quality of the traffic?
44:48 Targeting Structure
54:17 How much it is going to cost me, How much traffic I get?
59:37 Emma’s favorite targeting option


Yes, Quora is one of the newest players on the Paid Ads market, but what a player it is. Some would argue it is one of the best platforms for B2B lead generation. Learn how to significantly increase your visibility, engagement, and lead generation on Quora. JD will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to walk away with immediately implementable strategies.
This webinar is in Hybrid format, after the short presentation we will have a panel discussion on the matter with Emma Franks and Alex Ponomareva, hosted by Joe Martinez
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