MY BIGGEST BUSINESS MISTAKES / Wanna hear about the business mistake I made that cost me almost $500K? Check out today’s video and learn from my very BIGGEST business mistakes ever. This will save you money and time.

The inevitable part of being an entrepreneur is this: You’re going to screw up. Period. So watch this video so you can avoid all the biggest mistakes I’ve made, and leapfrog to making different ones! 🙂


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  1. wow sunny I can’t say enough how helpful this was. I’m not realizing not only how important that lead flow is (I’ve also worked with an solopreneuer about gaining leads) but how DRAINING a bad client can be. Great video, thank you!! ☺️

  2. Whow thanks for being so honest, these tips are gold thank you so much. I've just started up a fishing educational page with your tips making the ride a little easier, still a way to go though. Thanks Sunny

  3. I have a question/suggestion for a video….if you have multiple passions, or too many irons in the fire, how do you decide what to narrow down to? Is it based upon what you or what is most marketable? I’m trying to figure out how to merge some of these ideas into one biz🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. I am taking your advice for bad client…. That is my situation one of my bigger client taking all my energy and time that I cannot grow the company …. Thank you so much for this video, it inspires me as all the others!

  5. It is inevitable to make mistakes in business. The best way to overcome that is to learn from it. Being in the online marketing business I have done some mistakes and learned from it. Now I know better for my business and it helps me to reach my goals.

  6. I so admire how you articulated this topic. In lesser hands it could have gone south as negative. You keep it 100 percent positive. In my view, a bad client who pays great but is a time suck really equals about $5 an hour. So it really doesn't matter what they pay. Many expect 24-hour devotion or countless unwarranted re-dos. Nothing feels better than the great new clients that come when you put your foot down and set boundaries with the ones who do not appreciate you. One must value themselves.

  7. This is truly important. Growing slow amd steady.

    This is also what I say to myself when I feel like my youtibe channel is slow to grow or when I think 'all this effort and I'm not making any money yet'

    It's about being ready amd practicing small so when things blow up they don't explode away ❤

  8. This was great and I recently about 6 months ago started a business and with learning and learning and learning… no where can I find details. So details in correcting to some of these mistakes is discouraging. I guess I have to sit down so seriously to figure out my mistakes because with learning all an no back up from family or friends or anyone… i am on my own. Which is seriously the hardest. Going on now 6 months no sleep. I enjoyed your motivational video.

  9. Thanks for sharing the tough times, I've learnt how to fire bad clients. Makes life less stressful and more fun.
    Got an awesome project coming up this summer, Raising money for the Fire Fighters Charity in the UK. Going to be like Top Gear style challenges on water and land. if you have any suggestions on how to promote it that would be amazing ! Trying to get product sponsors onboard too. Its alot more work than I first thought 🙂

  10. Great video..i resonate your failures because I experienced it. I in debt of 400K and my business just crashed without any cash flow. I invested everything in the business without any safety net and I nearly declared bankruptcy as I not able to get in any investor to borrow me the money. Lucky enough my debtors allow me to pay the debts slowly and it takes me 5 years to repay everything. But sadly my business is gone. It really sour when I watched this video . Anyway, it is the biggest lesson I learned. And now I going to start everything again. Thank you .

  11. Thanks for the video. Could you direct me to a video or maybe make an in depth video on how to build an outreach program? I found one of your videos by searchin that.

  12. Thanks for your courage in talking about this. The 3rd mistake resonates the most because I've made this – made a whole course with tons of videos without testing first whether there's demand from my audience. It's still one of the hardest-learned lessons for me. Thanks for sharing! You always speak from your heart in your videos (this comes across), and I think that's why your videos resonate so strongly with us.

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