Mobile-Friendly Test Responsive Website Development Case Study

Case study of making a non-mobile-friendly website layout, officially mobile-friendly. You will also be introduced to a helpful online tool that reports to you how to go about fixing all of the issues that make your site unfriendly for smart phone screens. Just the act of making sure that your site passes the mobile-friendly test can have a an impact on your search engine optimization now that Google and other search engines are starting to rank sites that are mobile friendly higher than sites that are not.

Mobile-Friendly Test:
Case Study Site:
Responsive Dynamic Layout Video Tutorials:


19 thoughts on “Mobile-Friendly Test Responsive Website Development Case Study”

  1. is it possible to create a simple single page application in php where you have a menu that says page 1, page 2, page 3 and when you click on each load page1.html or page2.html etc on the same page without reloading the page and changing the url accordingly? I don't know what Google is using but when I go to their privacy policy page as I scroll down, the url changes and new data, graphics, and animations are loaded possibly from their own html file and the url is changed without refreshing the page.

  2. awesome tutorial, responsive websites are easy peasy, you just have to know what to tweak in css and don't use tables, its a lil bit harder with them so use divs 😀

    many thanks to you adam, i learned a lot from your tutorials 😀

  3. Im trying to create a simple JavaScript game, but im having trouble with the keydown event to move the player…..since I want to use a separate function to move left and right…..but I can't figure out how to stop the repetition of keydown….I only whan it to be called once even when its held down….how would you write that? :/

  4. can you make tutorial on how to make video hosting site and you can put subititle cusotmize video player and also embed to website using html

  5. in your Css you use 100vh, and 100vw, if i just use height 100% and width 100% is there any difference between these two types of css styling.  Thanks great job… You are awesome..

  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Disappointed when the seal on your site wasn't the National Cyberspace Defense Agency seal. Just kidding, great tutorial!

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