If a site linking to mine gets caught selling links, what happens to my site?

If some site that is linking to my site gets penalized for purchasing links, will my site get affected by that penalty?
Sergey L, NYC

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21 thoughts on “If a site linking to mine gets caught selling links, what happens to my site?”

  1. Was this really necessary for this video? I understand some of his answers a bit vague, but this answer was particularly clear-cut.

    I ask this question, but apparently 19 people (and counting) have thought so.

  2. Summary: the value of the link from the bad site will drop, but shouldn't hurt you or pass the penalty effect to your site. Good, but not sure it plays out this way in every situation.

  3. On April 16th, 2013, at seroundtable . com on a post by Barry Schwartz, Matt Cutts is interpreted as saying that if a site is a repeat offender of selling links then the people who purchase links will also be punished. Don't buy links.

  4. My blog contains a lot of links with "nofollow" to my other site. Google webmasters tool displays these links. Is it any problem ? Or there is not any problem because of "rel=nofollow"

  5. That would be enough. You could also send the link to a redirect page on your site first. That way no link juice is passed to an external site.
    You'll notice when you click on a Google Adword it goes to a redirect page first. That's how they avoid passing Juice.

  6. Actually, Sam's got a bit of a point, although probably not the one he's thinking of. YP uses a third party that creates one page templated "microsites", and quite often register domains similar to that of the company name that they're marketing on behalf of without prior knowledge of the company. This actually happened to a client of mine.

    Can YP still be trusted?

  7. What if you buy a link from a big company such as yellow pages, super pages, merchant circle, etc etc… your saying those are bad and those "big" sites can't be trusted??

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