Google Ads Tutorials: Evaluating Smart Bidding performance

Smart Bidding allows you to manage your bids effectively and efficiently. After implementing Smart Bidding, learn when and how to evaluate your performance in Google Ads.

Subtitles available in many languages.

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12 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Evaluating Smart Bidding performance”

  1. Please I need help, my ads got suspended for circumventing and after appealing, it wasn't reactivated. How can I create ads without it been suspended with a new Google account?

  2. If you had a $150 credit do you go expensive and short term or less expensive and longer term? I have a low cost operation here, low cost budget offering a suite of services such as consulting on tech advancements to small businesses and the private sector, I am a Public Technology Consultant, Author of my up coming book looking to generate speaking engagements. I'm currently in a local market. Thank you.

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