Google Ads Tutorials: Creative best practices for responsive display ads

Creative assets are the building blocks of your responsive display ads. Learn the best practices so that you can effectively reach customers across the Google Display Network.

You can now add video as an asset for your responsive display ads!

Welcome to Google Ads YouTube channel!

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14 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Creative best practices for responsive display ads”

  1. I work in a advertising firm.We are not able to market a single client with google ads in our state .Even if someone comes up everyone says '' we want to be at the top of the list'.How can we assure this to the clients with low budget.Google needs to reconfigure the Google Ads concept.I have prepared a small proposal which may be a solution to our problem.Please tell me how to present to the concerned panel?Thank you.Hoping for a reply.

  2. Very excited about responsive display ads. Never been too excited about regular display ads for our dentist clients but machine learning is going to change everything! Very helpful video.

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