Bring your local business online #6: Engage customers with a holistic online identity

Video #6 in a series to help build an online presence for your local business. We’ll end the series by showing how Scott makes sure his online presence sends a cohesive message to customers and answers all their common questions. 🙂 More information at


5 thoughts on “Bring your local business online #6: Engage customers with a holistic online identity”

  1.  @Maile Ohye, your presentation was impressive. I watched all six videos, and as an SEO person, you enlightened me on some things that are easy to overlook. I look forward to more videos from you and the @Google Webmasters team!

  2. I have gone through all 6 videos in this series, personally am a web developer helping my clients to get them best online presence and reach as many potential clients over internet. this video series has gone through in depth to get started in the online business presence for local business.

    Hope to server my clients better and most realistically with these training videos.

    Thanks a lot @Maile Ohye for this in depth series.

  3. In the first few videos I got the impression that one can rely on social profiles solely for building online presence with which I can only disagree. As mentioned later in the video series social profiles form a funnel, and this funnel points to the website where most of the actual conversions would happen. Like in the offline world, you open your shop and after that start posting ads, sending flyers etc. In my opinion, customers will recognize the business website as the returning point and the place to come back for more info, trustworthy advice and live support talk.

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