AVOIDING CREATIVE BURNOUT / Today’s YouTube video is all about solution-oriented hacks I’ve learned to avoid creative burnout like the destructive force that it is!

When you’re burned out, not only are you way less creative, but you’re also way less motivated. And a burned-out entrepreneur lacking creativity and motivation isn’t a very effective entrepreneur at all!

So stay effective! Stay fresh! Watch my video now for all the tricks that will save your sanity and your health!


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  1. Thank you for sharing, valuable content again! Favorite takeaways: batch content and unfollow creativity killers. To refuel, I like to physically/mentally remove myself from what is burning me out. I get outside, go for swim, listen to music etc. Oh, and getting off of our devices is a great tip thanks for the reminder! **turns off phone, goes to the beach

  2. We are currently facing burn out too….with busy schedule and content creation – the most time consuming is editing…Editiing is never easy as other channel as kids / family fun channel is always making the video entertaining. Therefore what word advise me to juggle this situation !??😢😢

  3. It is very true that creative burnout is a strong destructive force that can kill your plans/goals. As an online business owner and affiliate marketer, it is important that I balance my life and my work so to make sure that I stay focused on my business goals. Thanks, Sunny! This is really helpful.

  4. I love that you talked about cleaning up your social media feed; I talked about that recently too! I have a new channel, and while I'm not burned out yet, I can certainly see how it would happen, so I appreciate your advice.

  5. Thanks for the reassurance that it is totally normal when the content flows easily and other times not so much! We have started batching per your recommendation in YouTube4bosses and it has been super helpful!! Music totally inspires me, all genres, I’m a total concert junky and of course working out and just being out in my community. People in general inspire me.. Great video!

  6. I've had burnout on YouTube since I created this channel. Today, I'm clearing out space in my home for my studio that I refer to as "The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen." It's an homage to Frank Zappa. That what he called his home recording studio. <shrug>

  7. WOW. I never considered the concept of the responsibility of protecting my creativity and the responsibility involved. Will be more mindful of that going forward. Thank you, great insights.

  8. Yeah, templates templates templates- even in the way you edit video. I have templates for writing lyrics, making riffs, drum patterns, mixing and mastering plugins in my desktop audio workstation, graphics made in photoshop, etc. I make it so all I have to do is write, record and GO — as much as possible

  9. As always – such a great video and so well timed. I've been producing one video a week for a year and a half and had a bit of a melt down just last month … trying to transition from fulltime freelance career to full time content creation bc it's just too.much.fun:) BUT – you're so right, burnout is real. I do keep a list of content ideas (like you, from comments on mine and other people's channels) which I find SO useful and will totally employ your other tips – like blocking time off for a daily run! Sorry for the long comment! thank you for sharing such amazing tips! xx

  10. Hi Sunny. I always admire the way you speak. How is your makeup/ hair / script always on spot. I posted 4 youtube videos in march and i am so conscious about my looks, hair other than the way I speak. I have remained a tv presenter like you, but it has been a lot of years now. I wonder if ill ever be able to be comfortable in front of the camera.

  11. I think your videos are very inspirational, I aspire to be like you. I am just starting out and I find your vlogs to be very motivational. I just subscribed and I am looking forward to watching your other videos. I will recommend you to other startups and look forward to your support as well.

  12. I've been creating content and releasing a new video every day on my channel on how to build a brand or start a business from the ground up. It's so tiring! I've seen YouTubers talk about this issue, but I never fully understood until now. This video is so helpful! I for sure need to work on so many of these things. Thank you for all of your helpful content!

  13. Wow, thanks Sunny. I've had multiple burn-out and those long walks sure help. I always knew I was a content creator that is how I express my creativity. I might even try unfollowing some people moving forward.👌

  14. I pushed 3 to 6 hours on a few videos and got less than 20 views, after 3 months, I deleted them because they didn't add a single view in 3 months …. I immediately felt burnt out and has not uploaded ever since (that was many months ago).

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