STARTING A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBE CHANNEL FROM SCRATCH ft. VANESSA LAU / YouTube is changing all the time, and my client and guest today, Vanessa Lau, knows the very recent ins & outs of starting a super successful channel from scratch!

Vanessa Lau used #TheSunnySystem to get nearly 60K subs on YouTube, AND over 1 MILLION views on 1 video…all in under 9 months! In this video we’re going to review the tactics you can use NOW to launch your channel successfully from the start!


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Vanessa Lau’s YouTube Channel:

“How to Make a Living off of YouTube (without Adsense)”:

“4 Content Creation Hacks (Save Time, Be Productive and Build Authority)”:

“How I Made $100,00 From One YouTube Video”:

“If I Were Just Starting My Channel”:

“How to Make It As A Beginner on YouTube”:


“How to Tell a Story in Your YouTube Videos”:

“Make a Living Off Of YouTube (Without Adsense)”:

“How I Plan My YouTube Content”:

“How to Make Your YouTube Videos Stand Out”:

“How I Got Started: Boss 101”:

“6 Super Secrets to Getting to 200,000 Subscribers”:

“Top 3 Ways to Build Your List with YouTube”:

“3 Steps to Becoming an Influencer”:


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  1. I love Vanessa too! She is so awesome! Have been getting some amazing tips from her on how to get grow my YT channel and ideas to create valuable contents too! Too much love for this interview. Two wonderful women giving it all that they know to share their knowledge with everyone. My online business was never the same since I started getting all the valuable ideas from both your videos. All the best to you Sunny and Vanessa! 💖

  2. Any fellow small youtubers wanna support each other??let’s show love — it’s free & well needed 💞 subbing all subs tysm ❤️💖 go ahead and leave a comment when you’re done & I’ll return the favor!!

  3. BY FAR THE BEST INTERVIEW I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!! I am a huge fan of you both. I want to take a minute to thank you both for the generosity. Looking forward to working with you both XO

  4. Sunny, I’ve been following your tips to grow my social media accounts for my brand and it’s working. You weren’t kidding though, it’s stressful and WORK!

    I just reached 100 subs last week and to start my climb I’m doing a giveaway on my channel and I’m already almost at 200 in less than a week!

  5. I started watching Vanessa before she went viral and was shocked at how fast she grew her channel and social media accounts. So cool that she was one of Sunny’s students! This information was SO helpful! I think I am going to watch this like 3 more times to let it all sink in😂😅 Looking into your analytics for when people are dropping off can be a scary reality, but definitely worth it in the long run. I am going to be doing that next👍🏼

  6. Wow! Amazing – 50+k subcribers in less than a year ( I think).
    Partly feel a bit jealouse but I am motivated to do the work.
    How do you build an email channel? Because I always think people still have an adverse effect to give email because fear of spam, even if you are not a spammer.

  7. I went live this weekend! the first day it was slow and nothing and we tried our best! Second day we did better! thank you for all your tips and tricks. the second live video we gained 8 new people!!!
    Being live is sooooooooo hard can you do a video on going live?

  8. We wish MORE mature/older adults would support mature content creators. They're out there, but they tend to be more silent in terms of interaction. Oy vey, yee gadzers. Have a blessed weekend, y'all. Peace! ~The HARLOWS

  9. Thank you Sunny Lenarduzzi for your advice. My channel gets a better ranking on YouTube. I also use tube buddy's keyword explorer to improve my video ranking on YouTube. And the result for my channel named Youngandrunnnerup managed to occupy the first page position on YouTube search for zombie age keyword phrase . The most important thing in finding keywords are the keyword explorer recommendation is in good mark and the number of videos in search for less than 1 Million. Let's help each other and grow together.

  10. This was so interesting! I couldn't make the live but have watched back and found it so informative and useful – and REAL! I started watching Sunny not long ago and found Vanessa through suggested videos. Starting a YouTube channel has been a long-time goal of mine. I actually have a 4 year old channel that only has five videos and I haven't touched in a long time – it's bizarre to me that I have still managed to get several hundred subs and tens of thousands of views. I've recently started again with educational videos based on my background of early childhood education and play and so far I'm loving it, although it feels like it will be months of hard work before I manage to get it to close to where I want it to be! It's so nice to have a platform where we can not only watch you both and get brilliant advice but also meet other people who are in the same position as us. Thanks ladies – you're ace!

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