Marketing actually: 4 stories by marketers in love

Ever wondered how technology can help people overcome all their relationship problems? Sounds surreal, we know. So, we asked four tech-savvy people to tell a story of how SEMrush helped them with their personal lives. And that’s how “Marketing Actually: 4 Stories About Marketers in Love” was born.

00:00 Tanja used Social Media Tracker to become a social media star to amaze her new love interest.
00:24 Hunter managed to channel his gambling addiction into what is soon to become his new career and save his marriage. All thanks to the PPC Keyword Tool!
00:45 Mike used to ruin every first date as he struggled with finding the right topic to talk about. Now, with Topic Research, he’s a true catch!
01:17 Emily serves justice by using Link Building tool to tell everyone about a cheating boyfriend.

SEMrush is a digital marketing toolkit. But it also comes in handy in relationships. True story!

Directed by: Leonid Fridman

Concept/Script by: Meri Chobanyan

Produced by: Anna Lebedeva

Video Motion Design by: Eugene Moskalev


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