LinkedIn Speaker Series: Reid Hoffman and Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder, WordPress and founder and CEO, Automattic, joined LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, for a fireside chat discussing his thoughts on the future of online publishing, and a compelling argument for developing “free software”.


5 thoughts on “LinkedIn Speaker Series: Reid Hoffman and Matt Mullenweg”

  1. Like Matt said in his WordPress blog, it's a very Philosophical Conversation with Reid Hoffman. Very interesting watching their views about software and open source.

  2. optimizing for employee happiness!  Love it, wish more companies would realize/understand that!   Does a company require you to work where they are?  If so, do they care about your long term happiness?  food for thought… 

  3. What an insightful series. From 2002 to now, so much has changed.  Hearing about it from Matt's perspective is such a treat! Matt really reminds me of Spike Jonze (director, actor)

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